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Tank-wagon Fuel Delivery

Reliable, Accurate, Knowledgeable 

JAT’s tank-wagon fuel delivery service is tailored for customers ordering 4500 gallons or less of diesel and gasoline products.  This solution is perfect for filling stationary or jobsite tanks, mobile equipment & fleet vehicles.  Our fuel management platform allows customers full visibility across inventory management, billing, optimization for deliveries that reduce cost, and historical data.

Transport Fuel Delivery

Time is money, Precise Logistics, Extensive Supply and Competitive Pricing

JAT’s Transport fuel delivery service is tailored for customers ordering 5500 gallons or more of diesel and gasoline products.  Our trucks load and deliver up to 8500 gallons at a time to commercial and retail customers and we experts at it.  With a company owned fleet, we can be there at the right time, with the right price – everytime. 

With hub operations in 3 states and fuel terminal supply points throughout 7 states JAT offers supply reliability that you can count on.  Our dedicated supply and transportation teams work together to provide quality fuel, at a competitive price, with unrivaled service. 

Wholesale DEF and Natural Gas Delivery

Flexible, Experienced, Pipeline Access

JAT Energy DEF (Diesel Emissions Fluid) delivery service is tailored for customers ordering 5500 gallons or less.   Different from our competition, we are able to be your single source supplier for DEF, Fuel and Natural Gas.   Our wholesale and supply teams are ready with solutions and purchase options.   We ship Natural Gas through all major pipelines in the Southeastern United States. 

Diversified Carrier Support – Fuel & Asphalt Transportation

Liquid Asphalt, Bulk Fuel, Ethanol, Transmix, Biodiesel

As the demand for renewable energy continues to increase, we’ve diversified upon our traditional fuels delivery to encompass additional forms of energy.  From Diesel fuel to Asphalt we haul it all. 

  • Specialized Tankers that keep liquid asphalt between 325 and 500 Fahrenheit 
  • Cutback and Emulsified Asphalt

Fleet/Mobile Fueling

Exceptional Service, Expertise, State-Of-The-Art-Technology

Optimize your fleet operations and eliminate your down time at the pump with JAT Energy’s tailored fleet fueling solutions. We bring the fuel directly to your site, track your fuel consumption by individual vehicle and ensure that every piece of equipment is ready to roll at the start of each day. 

Turn potential idle time into increased productivity and efficiency, knowing that JAT Energy is taking care of your fleet’s fueling needs with precision and reliability. Let us handle the fueling, so your fleet can focus on the journey ahead.

Vessel and Marine Fueling

Fast, Dependable, Safety and Compliance

The U.S Department of Homeland Security and U.S Coast Guard approved JAT Energy to transfer fuel to vessels over the water throughout the Southeastern United States.  Fully staffed with trained and DOT/CDL compliant drivers we are ready to serve you with tankwagon or transport deliveries. 

Products Offered

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Kerosene 
  • Ethanol-Free and Ethanol-Blended Gasoline 
  • ULSDD – Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 
  • ULSD – On-Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • B5 – Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 
  • B20-Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Company-Owned Fleet & Distribution

Superior Logistics, Experienced Dispatch, Smart Operations

JAT Energy takes immense pride in owning and operating a robust fleet, driving our commitment to efficient fuel distribution. Our fleet, meticulously maintained and operated by skilled professionals, serves as the backbone of our reliable and timely fuel deliveries. By controlling our distribution network, we can respond swiftly to customer needs, minimizing any potential delays and ensuring the highest standards of safety and service. 

With our company-owned fleet, you can trust JAT Energy to deliver your fuel with precision and reliability, no matter the location or scale of your operation.