Fleet Cards


JAT Energy is proud to be a Pacific Pride Fleet Card franchisee. You are able to monitor every gallon, dollar, and driver when you use a Pacific Pride Card.

The Pacific Pride Card offers online reporting and a fuel management system. This means you are put in control of your trucks and fuel costs. You are able, as a manager, to keep track of fuel consumption in real time.

Pacific Pride cards can only be used for the type of fuel and vehicle that you choose.

You will be provided track odometer readings at each fuel stop for maintenance and scheduled service.

Online Reporting: Fueling data is available through a secured posting on the Pacific Pride Card Center website. You are able to download all of your fueling transactions for use in Excel and other accounting programs.

Finally, with the Pacific Pride Card, you are able to export and share this data. It can be emailed to a maintenance supervisor, accounting department, or division managers.

You can use your Pacific Pride Card at 50,000 retail locations across the US.