About Us

JAT Energy was founded as JAT Oil Inc., in 1976 by John A. Thompson, a retired Chevron Oil executive.
Mr. Thompson operated the company until 1986, when the present management assumed leadership of
the company under the direction of the company’s new owner, Pat Conroy.

During this 40-year period, JAT Oil has evolved into a supplier of a full line of energy products which ship
by pipeline, rail, and ground. With the ever-expanding product offering, in 2016 JAT Oil also began to
use the name JAT Energy. We now answer to two names; JAT Oil, Inc remains our official name, while
JAT Energy has become our dominant name in the marketplace moving forward. JAT Energy supplies
products such as:

Branded and Unbranded Gasoline (all grades)
Diesel Fuels
Industrial Fuel Oils (#2, #4, #6)
Liquid Asphalt
Natural Gas
Bio Fuels

We pride ourselves on customer service and a “can-do” attitude.
As we move into the future, JAT is being led by the next generation of JAT/Conroy family members Jay
Moore and Will Conroy.